WOMEN | Female Hormone Blend

WOMEN | Female Hormone Blend

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Confused about hormone balance? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Feeling tired, run down, achy and depressed? 😳You could be suffering from out of whack hormone levels.

Solution: This all-natural supplement provides your body with the safe and gentle support it needs to support a natural hormone balance.

Our 10mL ‘Women’ roll-on blend.

🍃 All without the side effects of synthetic hormones or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants or painkillers.

You deserve balance, get yours today


*not for use during pregnancy. Pls make contact with our aromatherapist Lisa, for specific pregnancy support.

**roll-on and massage over the lower abdomen and small of the back (being sure to cover ovaries and kidneys) twice daily, from the onset of your period

***Can also be used as daily hormone support by rolling on the inner ankle

Check out our Pain blend for helping with all things period pain.

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