Women’s Health Bundle

Women’s Health Bundle

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Incl. Women, Pain Away and Headache Away 

RRP $19.95 x 3, in this combo save $15 and pay only $44.95

Women • A great hormone shift happens during the menstrual cycle and while you can’t completely stop it, you can support your body with oils to calm the symptoms.

* roll-on and massage over the lower abdomen and small of the back (being sure to cover ovaries and kidneys) twice daily, from the onset of your period.

Can also be used as daily hormone support by rolling on the inner ankle.


Pain Away • How often do you reach for paracetamol when you’re in pain? Did you know you can better support your body by using essential oils and in doing so it’s a healthier bottle of relief next time you need it.

Great for muscle, bone, disease pain and much more.

Useful especially for women during the monthly cycle, pain associated with women’s conditions (I.e endometriosis), back pain and more.

Simply roll this beautiful oil on and feel the magic in motion.


Headache Away • Caused by sinuses, migraine disorders, diet and hydration, and even stress, headaches can range from mildly annoying to debilitating pain. Use this roll-on for acute pain relief when headaches strike

* Roll along eyebrow line and outer eye (never in the eye), and back of neck, and massage in with the onset of a headache or migraine.

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