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The Sleep Edit (a VIP box)

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A good sleep happens when good preparation happens

As human beings are exposed to many stressors during the day; physical and emotional, it's important we give our body a chance to wind down and disconnect from those prior to entering a sleep space.

adopting a bedtime routine will help teach your body what to expect and how to wind down.

What's included:

Slumber mist (RRP $24.95)

Slumber 10mL roller  (RRP $21.95)

Heal - nourishing balm (RRP $17.95)

Silk sleep mask w bonus scrunchie (RRP $39.95)

Total value (if purchased separately of $104.80)

But in our VIP it's just $59.95 😱

Isn't it time you had a better sleep?

The box also includes some bonus sleep tips from our master aromatherapist Lisa, and another treat or two 😴 

Everything you need for the sleep dreams are made of. 

Limited quantities, once they are gone they are gone.

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** sleep masks also sold separately 

Designed to sit comfortably over the eye area without pulling the skin or hair, this luxe sleeping essential protects the delicate skin around the eye from pulling or tugging. This Pure Silk Mask slips smoothly over the face without creating friction against the skin or hair, and without soaking up your freshly applied skincare. What a bedtime treat ... 🤍


SLUMBER MIST - essential oils of lavender, frankincense, and Cedarwood with witch hazel and distilled water

SLUMBER oil roller - essential oils of lavender, Bergamont, and juniper berry with fractionated coconut oil

HEAL bedtime balm - organic Shea butter, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic beeswax pellets, essential oils of Melissa and lavender


don't panic – it's all organic 🍃