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The 7 Essential Oils Every Family Needs

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I will be straight up honest with you, this e-book is a game changer! 

With your expert host Lisa, you will dive into the seven oils you need in your family home.

That’s right only 7. 

obviously you could buy more if you want to, but this book is designed to show you that you don’t need to  

Lisa says one of the main reasons that she wrote this book is her inbox. She is often asked about which company is the best to buy from, which particular oils she recommends, how to can make things myself, and the disillusionment that comes from people who have a medicine cabinet full of essential oils in many cases they can’t even pronounce the name of and they don’t even like the smell. 

Does this sound familiar? 

This e-book is your must have guide to essential oils. Your very own personal guide that will safely sit inside your iPhone or electronic device for ready access. 

As you go on the journey of learning about the 7 oils, get ready to fall in love with essential oils; for the first time, or all over again with easy to read information and simple DIY recipes to use. 

These 7 oils will change your life! 

Save yourself hours of frustration googling recipes, wasted dollars on oils you don’t need and precious time you could be spending with your loved ones. 

Lisa has wrapped it all up for you in one easy to read package. 

all you need to do is *add to cart* 

🌿🌿 in case you have never met Lisa, or you are new to the Wimmera Wellness community; LISA is a fully qualified, certified aromatherapist and essential oils coach. I’ll bet you didn’t know there’s not many of them in Australia 🙊