SLEEPY TIME | Sleep + Rest Blend

SLEEPY TIME | Sleep + Rest Blend

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Are you in need of a natural support to help get you off to sleep, and stay asleep?

Sleep Blend is a curated oil roll on with

Cedarwood - known for sedative like properties, it’s long been used for calming. Works with our bodies nervous and respiratory systems.

Vetiver - known for its calming and grounding properties, vetiver has long been used for its sedative like properties to aid sufferers of insomnia. Works with our hormonal and nervous systems.

Lavender - possibly recognised as the world’s number 1 oil for sleep, lavender helps to wind down, de-stress and calm to user. Works with our nervous system and emotional balance.

Simply roll on 30-mins prior to sleep time to allow the oils to circulate the blood stream and assist with winding down for sleep zzz. Sweet dreams...


“I purchased this beautiful blend from Lisa sometime last year. I roll it absolutely everywhere before climbing into bed. It has made such an improvement in my sleep and the scent is so calming.”

- Tori



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