PAIN AWAY | Pain Blend

PAIN AWAY | Pain Blend

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A beautiful blend of oils to help you manage pain levels naturally ūüćÉ

How often do you reach for paracetamol when you’re in pain? Did you know you can better support your body by using essential oils and in doing so it’s a healthier bottle of relief next time you need it.

Oils especially helpful in combating serious pain conditions are

- Copaiba
- Marjoram
- Frankincense

Copaiba is an analgesic with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Marjoram is an aromatic oil that promotes peace and sleep. Historically used for joint and muscles issues, it’s also known for its antispasmodic and sedative like properties.
*this oil should be used with caution during pregnancy.

Frankincense, offered referred to as ‚Äėthe king of essential oils‚Äô, is included in this blend for anti-inflammatory products.

Great for muscle, bone, disease pain and much more.

Useful especially for women during the monthly cycle, pain associated with women’s conditions (I.e endometriosis), back pain and more.

Simply roll this beautiful oil on and feel the magic in motion.

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