Molluscum Treatment

Molluscum Treatment

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Molluscum contagiosum: A viral skin infection that results in round, firm, painless bumps.

Use this blend daily for 21 days to see a visible reduction in bumps and limiting spread of new ones 

ingredients: Australian lemon myrtle essential oil and organic fractionated coconut oil 


“Well. We love it! The roll on works so well to apply just on the spots. We've had no spread on my oldest  since using it and my youngest’s spots have almost completely gone. Thank you 😊 “


“Gosh this stuff works! I literally just started using and some of the spots  have already gone!”

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Q. if I have more than one child that suffers molluscum, can I share a treatment?

A. Although our products have a stainless steel roller ball, it is always recommended with skin irritants such as molluscum, that each child have their own product thus removing the risk of cross infection


Q. Is this product a spray or an ointment?

A. neither. This is an essential oil blend, that comes in a 10 mil roll-on, for ease of application direct to the spots



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