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Milk Mama roll-on

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NEW Milk Mama

Childbirth is beautiful, empowering, nerve-wracking and then comes the feeding part. For those who choose to breastfeed you can understand the frustration of it all, especially when lactation is a struggle.

This blend can be helpful in bringing your milk in, and keeping up the supply.

Roll this blend around the breast and near under arms, avoiding the nipple. Use for 7 days then discontinue use for 1 week. If lactation assistance is still needed, reassume use for another 7 days.

What the product testers had to say: (real mamas who’ve used it in the last 30 days 👩🏼👩🏽‍🦱🧑🏼‍🦰)

✨“Holy Dooley! I never knew essential oils could help with breastfeeding and lactation. Thank you for creating awareness and such a great product that actually works! Oh, and the kicker is, it’s all natural”✨

-Mama L, Donald.


If you or someone you know are expecting, or breastfeeding, add this to your shopping list  now!

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