Luxe (mini) Diffuser

Luxe (mini) Diffuser

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Lovers of essential oils know the power of a positive scent ☺️

Kids driving you cray? Bad day at work? No longer a problem... with this addition to your car (or office or work space). 

You don’t muck around with water in your car and electronic diffusers anymore, instead replace with this compact, luxe diffuser. 

Crystal clear and topped off with a faux leather strap, your car will be the envy of your passengers. 

two scents avail: 

☀️ sunny skies (all things citrusy)

🌀 calm vibes (earthy and grounding)

refills will be available for purchase

 traditional car air fresheners are full of toxins, that are no good for you to be breathing in. Instead replace it with this Luxe diffuser that not only smells good, but does you good as well ✅ 

**please note this product is only available for presale at this time, anticipated ship date early November 

if you need this must have item in your life – add it to cart now 🛒 

only 28 available, get in quick! 

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