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Lockdown Mystery Box

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So let's be real... lockdown sucks and it's not just in Victoria. It's also NSW, SA and maybe more that I don't know 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, here at Wimmera Wellness (your home of holistic wellness) we have come up with the perfect solution 💡 

Introducing,the  LOCKDOWN MYSTERY BOX 📦 

for you, a friend or a loved one... a box to "get you through" 


- something to help with sleep 🛌 

- something to kill the germs 🦠  

- something to help with anxiety 😟 

- something to ease the tension 😵‍💫

- some sneaky treats to get you through 🤭

so $89 value for just $49 


YEP, $49 with free shipping 😱

 **Just enter the code FREELOCKSHIP

it goes without saying these will sell FAST, so add to your to cart now and don't miss out 🛒 

The only thing worse than FOMO is when you actually do miss out!! 

so don't do it... ADD TO CART NOW 💃🌟🛒