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Kids WELL with Dr Monkey

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Our kids are mingling with other kids all.the.time  and as much as we hate the thought of it, they are also mingling with germs!

Whilst it would be very tempting to keep our kids at home all the time, one thing we CAN do in a practical way to help their immune system is to harness the incredibly,  powerful benefits of essential oils. 

This gorgeous 10 mil roller features Dr Monkey who encourages your children to apply this blend to the soles of the feet if they are not feeling well, but as parents we know it’s best if they apply it every day, because prevention is better than cure. 

Your child will recognise that Dr Monkey is a friendly face and they will look forward to using this  fun blend. 

**age appropriate dilution from ages 1+ 

ingredients: essential oils of frankincense, lemon, oregano, Melaleuca and fractionated coconut oil

this product is also available in our top four bundle, search KIDS TOP 4 To check it out 

$21 ~ 10mL


~~ pairs well with KIDS Breathe our respiratory  support blend