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Kids GROWING TALL with Ginny the Giraffe

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If you have ever experienced painful leg cramps, you will understand to some degree what it’s like for children going through a growth spurt who suffer from growing pains. This powerful blend of oils combines analgesic and sedative, to calm the painful muscles, provide pain relief, and to assist your little one back into a restful sleep. 

This gorgeous 10 mil roller features Ginny the Giraffe who encourages your child to  keep this roller on their bedside table and when they are suffering painful spasms or cramps overnight, they can apply it themselves, or call out to mum and dad who can apply it and massage it in  
*if you are going to massage it in, it is recommended you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards  

Your child will recognise that Ginny has also experienced growing tall, and will feel calm and confident using this blend when they’re suffering growing pains.

**age appropriate dilution from ages 4+

ingredients: essential oils of Roman chamomile, marjoram, lavender, and fractionated coconut oil

$21 ~ 10mL