Hour of power ūüí•

Hour of power ūüí•

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Hour of power!


If that's not the most cliche name you ever heard, right!  But it's so true.


In 60 minutes you could mindlessly scroll social media, you could binge a bit of Netflix, OR you could invest in yourself and your business and see things turn around!


For a whole 60 minutes you can join with LISA and ask questions, brain dump, plan and leave with focus, clarity and FRESH VISION AND IDEAS ūüí°


A great opportunity if you are feeling blah in your biz to REFIRE!


It's crazy to think LISA is running a busy household, her and her husband have a farm and another business, she has three young boys, lived in an out of seven lockdowns and all the while has built a 6 figure business, in 2 hours a day!


I am sure you are dying to know how she does it.., right?


Do yourself a favour and book your session now ūüôĆūüŹľ

** sessions will be booked at a mutually suitable time, by sms with Lisa directly 



Lisa is an amazing mentor with years of experience. She has incredible ideas and knowledge and her advice on how to market a new product launch was invaluable to me - Megan (Melbourne) 


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