Complete Baby Bundle

Complete Baby Bundle

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Everything you need for your little bundle: 

1 x Baby Well 
1 x Baby Breathe
1 x Baby Tummy 
1 x Baby Sleep
1 x Baby Teeth

All 10mL roll-on


Baby Tummy massage blend supports a baby's digestive system.bAromatic cardamom, fennel and essential orange oil in a base of organic coconut oil helps support the digestive process, relieves gas and bloating as well as stimulating digestion and elimination. It is especially useful when your baby starts solids to help tummies transition. Gentle and safe enough to use from birth.*Roll in circular motion on abdomen and massage in same direction


Baby Sleep Blend Aromatherapy for babies? Yes! Forget the nightly lullaby of Good Night, Moon. Baby Sleep essential oil blend is a beautiful blend of soothing, calming lavender and vetiver, with earthy cedarwood to create a sleep-inducing environment that will help your baby fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and sleep better. No synthetic chemicals, fragrances or colorants have been added to our blend. This is a 100% natural and organic blend of beautiful essential oils all working in harmony to promote restful sleep.


Baby Well Blend We can’t control the pathogens in the air that our little ones breathe, but we can support their immune system with antimicrobial and antibacterial oils to keep them well.  Baby Well is for supporting your baby's immune system during cold & flu season. Created with oregano, tea tree and frankincense essential oils in a base of organic coconut oil. Apply to the soles of your baby's feet, 3x a day during cold & flu season.* apply to soles of feet morning and night as prevention


Baby Teeth has natural ingredients, including white fir, lavender and copaiaba, in a base of fractionated coconut  oil to relieve teething discomfort and soothe the child.Apply onto baby's soft auricular (behind the ear) or jawline. Not recommended for children under three months of age.


Baby Breathe helps to support your baby's respiratory system. It is designed to be used from birth and is especially helpful when your baby has the cold, croup or asthma. Made with organic coconut oil, also containing an essential oil blend of cardamom and frankincense, which are both great for breathing and supporting proper respiration. There is no water in this product just pure plant oils, so it can be used with confidence throughout the first year of your child's life.

to use this product, simply roll it on your babies chest or back to support their airways




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