Beam Me Up ūüöÄ (5 sessions)

Beam Me Up ūüöÄ (5 sessions)

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Beam me up!


Okay before anyone starts thinking that I like Star Trek, I don't actually have an opinion on the topic, but we chose to name this package BEAM ME UP because it means "the desire to be elsewhere".


I know for many of us in small business we really want this, we have dreams to scale up, grow, get bigger, evolve and change.


I know. It's me.


And then we get stuck.


I created this package as a BOOSTER!


What's incl..


4 x 45-mins sessions

(+1 bonus follow-up call)


We will cover





*success and more!


It also incl. a goodie bag from Lisa with biz must haves and helpful 'stuff'!


You should view this as a tax-deductible investment into your business.


As a personal growth and learning tool to break through current barriers and soar into the new season!


If you are on the fence if this is for you or not, we would highly encourage you to dive in!


Don't hold back, you are worth this investment and you will see your business grow as a result of your commitment.


What are you waiting for?


ADD TO CART now and let's get started! ūüéĮ

*afterpay available 

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