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Back To School Combo

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Included in this special back to school combo is our

Hair Detangle 


Head Lice Preventative 

combined RRP is $43.90  

grab for $34.95 in this special promo!


Head lice • okay, just thinking about it makes me cringe. As a child with my long and luscious blonde locks, I can remember on numerous occasions having incredibly smelly potions put on my head and combed through as mum was once again removing headlice from my scalp 🤦🏼‍♀️ that stuff stank! 

This is a spray best combed through the hair in the evening before bed and in the morning before school. Spraying your children’s hair each day before school with anti-nit essential oils can deter lice from jumping ship and taking up home on your little one’s locks.

The main anti-nit essential oils are Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil and Eucalyptus oil.

The study I read reported a 100% mortality rate of head lice in 30 minutes when using Tea Tree oil at 1% dilution as a head lice treatment. 🙌🏼 So as long as you are using this treatment daily, you can say bye-bye to unwanted little pests in your children’s hair.

... all natural and super effective prevention. Order now!


Hair Detangle • How do you kids go getting ready for school?

Do you face the brush and tangle issues everyday?

You need not struggle anymore!

Our Detangling Hair Spray is nourishing and soothing on the hair, as well as super good for the appearance of healthy hair.

Including Lavender, Geraniun, Tea Tree, Frankincense and Rosemary Essential Oils and topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

This is the treat your hair has been looking for - or as a parent what your child needs!


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